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Like a defibrillator for
the brain...


How did this slip under the radar?

Just weeks ago, California’s prestigious Salk Institute released a groundbreaking study. A team of four genetic scientists revealed one secret cause of almost every type of brain breakdown.

Mood, memory, mental clarity…even chronic “incurable” conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s…

These researchers believe they can ALL be traced back to a glitch in one specific, critically important process in the body.

Which means fighting ALL of these devastating brain diseases could be  a matter of correcting this simple malfunction.

Unfortunately, they have no idea how to do that. They say it will take years of research with cutting-edge, expensive technology to just confirm their theory…and even longer to pinpoint possible solutions.

But here’s what they don’t know…

Across the country, in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, one sought-after healing expert is already teaching thousands of people a revolutionary technique that emerging research suggests may be a complete game changer when it comes to brain health.

Build a brand new brain—
without a single pill

Take Ron Gardner, for example. Ron had been one of the top physicians in his town for more than 25 years. But about a year ago, something started happening.

He noticed it was getting harder and harder to manage his usual caseload.

He just couldn’t keep track of all the details from patient appointments—and it scared him.

With the health and well-being of dozens of people resting squarely on his shoulders, he simply couldn’t afford to let things slip through the cracks.

But he knew prescription pills were useless against the runaway train of cognitive decline. So Ron started researching alternatives.

And while most of the techniques he discovered were easy to shrug off as hype, one of them piqued his interest…

  • It didn’t require any strange equipment or weird formulas.
  • It was something he could do on his own. And perhaps most intriguing of all…
  • It promised fast

And as luck would have it, there was a seminar on it the following week at a nearby university.

Could this really be the answer he desperately needed? Ron signed up, figuring it was worth a shot.

What happened next
completely blew him away

After a quick introduction, the instructor asked the auditorium full of people to give him just 30 seconds.

The technique he carefully walked everyone through felt like nothing Ron had ever experienced.

It started as a tingling sensation that completely dissolved the tension in his jaw and shoulders. And within seconds…

Ron felt a rush of extreme focus he hadn’t had since late-night study sessions in med school.

The best part? Over the course of the seminar, this incredible instructor taught everyone in attendance how to—

Harness this powerful brain-awakening effect anytime, anywhere

Ron now uses it every single day. And he hasn’t missed a beat with his bustling practice since.

In fact, he’s been able to take on even more patients.

As Ron puts it, “[It] makes me feel relaxed, but more importantly it creates a mental space that allows me to regain focus and begin to clear away the clutter of having to multitask. Which allows me to attend to the more important items of my day.”

But it’s not just Ron whose life has been transformed by the brain-renewing power of this little-known, pill-free technique.

Every year, thousands of people from all over the globe travel to exclusive seminars, led by the same instructor who taught Ron this powerful, pill-free secret.

The nation’s most prestigious universities, like Saint John’s University, Penn State University, and others have hired him to present his famous lectures and groundbreaking methods.

And get this—

Fortune 500 companies, (yes, even Big Pharma giants), like Bayer and Johnson & Johnson have privately consulted with him to teach their top employees his incredible technique.

And today, you’re among a select group of just 80 people being granted exclusive access to all the details on this miraculous brain-renewing method…

Directly from the expert who pioneered it—James Donovan, M. Ed.

What you will discover has the potential to…

  • Increase brain cells by an astounding 50% in just two days according to one stunning animal study…
  • Tap into what research shows is one of the most basic—and most powerful—brain healing tools
  • Battle dementia with the “kindergarten secret” other memory programs completely overlook

And even help accelerate healing throughout not just your brain…but your entire body.

Hi I’m Karen Reddel, president of OmniVista Health Learning. An organization dedicated to discovering and giving voice to today’s most pioneering medical minds.

And of all the life-saving breakthroughs we’ve shared—I can say without a doubt—

I’ve never seen anything this groundbreakingthis powerful…or this astonishingly simple.

After years of research, James—or Jim, as everyone calls him—believes he has discovered how to—

Unlock your brain’s
hidden healing potential

And it all starts with a little-known—and controversial—process called adult neurogenesis.

Why controversial?

Because experts didn’t know it even existed until 1965…and some are still hesitant to acknowledge it.

You see, for most of the 20th century, scientists believed human brain development only happened during childhood. And once you hit age 13, your brain stops generating fresh, new cells—called neurons.

But it turns out—that’s NOT true.

Science clearly shows…

Your brain CAN generate brand new neurons
well into your 70s, 80s, 90s—and beyond

The problem is, there are a number of obstacles that can throw a wrench into this process.

And, as emerging research shows (including that brand new study I mentioned earlier), that’s when things go downhill.

As you age, the neurons you do have get damaged and die off. So if your brain can’t produce new ones via neurogenesis, eventually it leads to complete brain breakdown.

From mood swings to memory problems…
and even dementia—
It’s ALL tied back to neurogenesis

And scientists are scrambling to figure out how to activate it. They’re pouring millions of dollars of research funding into developing cutting-edge pharmaceutical drugs and high-tech medical devices.

But they’re missing the forest for the trees.

Because based on some emerging—but exceptionally promising—research, Jim Donovan believes one secret to sparking neurogenesis is something so simple, you can do it right now—without even getting up out of your chair.

And Jim will show everything you need to know—with start-to-finish detail—in his latest exclusive Sound Mind Protocol

This brand new, breakthrough protocol is built on more than 30 years of Jim’s in-depth research and experience on…

The brain-regenerating power of sound

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.

But this isn’t just some weird, new-wave music CD that drones on and on, while you sit there bored, wondering what—if anything—is happening.

Jim’s Sound Mind Protocol is a completely immersive, one-on-one, interactive experience based on both human and animal research suggesting that sound, music, and vibration can help:

  • Activate neurogenesis, which has produced brand new brain cells
  • Sharpen cognition
  • Improve memory, and
  • Animal research suggests it could even help protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s

And it produces—

Results you can feel—INSTANTLY

Using a technique called NAVS.

NAVS is a unique, but incredibly easy way to “switch on” your body’s most powerful, innate healing tool—the vagus nerve.

If you’ve never heard of the vagus nerve, don’t feel bad. It’s not typically something they teach in Biology 101. In fact, most doctors aren’t even familiar with it.

Yet emerging science shows the vagus nerve plays a critical role in dozens of body functions.

But perhaps the most important one is its ability to activate neurogenesis in the brain.

In fact, in one animal study, researchers found that rats who underwent vagus nerve stimulation showed a jaw-dropping

50% increase in a biomarker of new brain cells— in just two days

And this was measured in what is arguably the most important area in the brain, called the hippocampus.

Just take a look at what the hippocampus is responsible for, and you’ll see why this discovery is so groundbreaking…

The hippocampus:

  • Regulates mood and emotions, making it a key player in mental health
  • Plays an important role in spatial navigation—which is like your brain’s built-in GPS, helping you remember your way around town…or even just around the supermarket
  • Controls both short-term and long-term memory, making it critical for everything from learning how to use that new remote control…to being able to think back on your most treasured moments in vivid detail

So just imagine what it would be like to infuse this essential area of the brain with thousands of brand new neurons. It could be like…

A total brain reboot

And Jim believes using the NAVS technique he will teach you in his revolutionary new Sound Mind Protocol, you can achieve amazing results. Safely and from the comfort of your favorite chair...And you could feel it working instantly.

The hundreds of people lucky enough to have already experienced it at Jim’s exclusive seminars will gladly verify this fact.

Take Robin from Sarasota, Florida, for example. She admits she was nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect, but as she said...

I immediately felt calmer, lighter, and I was convinced it was working.

Annette from Bristol, Virginia said…

I changed from a skeptic who thought, ‘Oh well, I guess it can’t hurt’ to a TRUE BELIEVER right away.

And Pati from Akron, Ohio tried it and said—

“The effects were powerful
from the very first moment.”

If the instant brain-revitalizing power of NAVS was all the Sound Mind Protocol offered, it would arguably still be the biggest brain-health breakthrough of the 21st century.

Remember, scientists at some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations are just now starting to recognize the existence of adult neurogenesis…And they’re still YEARS away from figuring out how to harness it. (And you can bet they won’t release any details until they figure out how to profit from it…which could take decades.)

Thanks to his own tireless research, Jim has tracked down emerging studies suggesting that music, rhythm, vibration, and vagus nerve stimulation may hold the keys to switching on neurogenesis.

What makes his brand new Sound Mind Protocol even more remarkable, though, is that Jim doesn’t stop there.

In fact, he’s also included a revolutionary series of tools that give you—

Three times
the brain-strengthening potential

While neurogenesis is your ultimate “secret weapon” against complete brain breakdown, it’s not enough to just produce new neurons.

The science gets a bit technical, but to put it as simply as possible:

When it comes to protecting, repairing, and revitalizing your brain, all of those fresh neurons have to survive and learn to communicate with each other. And the way they send information back and forth is via connections called synapses.

But here’s where things get REALLY interesting…

It turns out,

You can generate those critical
“information highways” in your brain

There are a few ways to do it…Unfortunately, most of them are long, tedious processes.

But in his exclusive new Sound Mind Protocol, Jim has developed a series of revolutionary techniques he calls Neuro-Rhythm Brain Builders…which start working in seconds.

And he’s set these Neuro-Rhythm Brain Builders even further apart from those other synapse-generating methods…

By tapping into

The little-known
“Kindergarten Secret”
other memory protocols and programs
completely ignore

You see it happening in preschool and kindergarten classrooms all across the country.

Kids learning to count by stacking blocks one by one. Learning the alphabet by tracing the ABCs with their finger. And learning colors by eating vibrant-hued snacks like carrots, grapes, and apples.

It seems basic…Which is probably why memory programs geared towards adults don’t even consider it.

But there’s nothing elementary about these techniques.

In fact, this “kindergarten secret” is—

One of the most
powerful and advanced
ways to revive and strengthen your brain

You see, learning something new not only helps spark neurogenesis on its own…but it also plays an essential role in keeping those new brain cells alive and building critical connections between them.

And research shows the more senses you involve when you learn something new, the stronger your memory becomes.

Take the results of a new study published in July 2018, for example. Researchers from York University in Canada recruited a group of 37 seniors whose cognitive function ranged from normal to severely deficient due to dementia. They asked the subjects to play a computer game that combined two senses.

At the end of the study, the researchers were astounded.

With the exception of patients with severe dementia, the game improved the other subjects’ scores on cognitive tests nearly across the board…It also helped some of the patients stop the progression of dementia in its track.

Even more impressive? Subjects showed these tremendous turnarounds after devoting only 20-30 minutes a week to these specific sensory exercises.

Which means some of these patients were able to help

Stop the progression of dementia
with as little as
20 minutes a week

So just imagine the sorts of results you could achieve if you included even more of your senses…

The Neuro-Rhythm Brain Builders Jim lays out in his new Sound Mind Protocol can provide three times the brain boosting potential by using three out of your five senses—sound, sight and touch.

But don’t worry—it’s NOT complicated. You don’t need any special ability, musical knowledge, or coordination.

In fact, even if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, you can do the Neuro-Rhythm Brain Builders. And Jim will personally walk you through each simple step.

That’s one of the things that makes the entire Sound Mind Protocol so unique—and so effective.

It offers detailed guidance based on over 30 years’ worth of scientific study with practiced techniques.

So how does it work?

This is one of the best parts!

Jim only puts on a few of his very exclusive seminars a year.

With his reputation as one of the only masters of sound and vibration healing—entry can be next to impossible.

But because you are watching this right now—you are one of the 80 people invited to have an amazing opportunity today.

You can discover everything Jim knows about protecting, repairing, and revitalizing your brain, with face-to-face instruction directly from the master himself. 

You only need a computer and a quiet room.

There are no expensive seminars, no boring books, and no DVDs.

Everything you need is right in front of you.

Just sit comfortably and watch each video lesson as Jim guides you with his own voice and words, step-by-EASY-step.

When you enroll today—you will receive an exclusive passcode giving you access to…


And in every one, Jim is right there with you—walking you through each of his powerful techniques.

He will show you everything you need to know to practice these techniques on your own. Anytime, anywhere you need them.

With specialized secrets like the NAVS technique Jim believes can help spark neurogenesis…and the Neuro-Rhythm Brain Builders he designed to help generate critical synapses that connect those brand new brain cells and strengthen your memory…

You can experience the same, life-changing results as the thousands of people who have already used Jim’s brain-healing techniques...

  • Confidently say “No Thanks” when the receptionist at the dentist office asks if you need an appointment reminder card
  • Make just one trip to the grocery store for the week—without having to go back two days later to pick up the laundry detergent and coffee creamer you forgot
  • Even finish The New York Times crossword puzzle in one sitting—without getting stuck on a single clue

But NAVS and the Neuro-Rhythm Brain Boosters are just the beginning. Jim will also walk you through…

The FIVE Core Secrets
for unlocking peak brain ability

And I’m not just talking about being able to figure out how much to tip at a fancy restaurant without a calculator.

Peak brain abilities are the vast, yet untapped skills and talents most people never even realize are possible—let alone achieve in their lifetime.

But tapping into your “superhuman brain” is actually breathtakingly simple…once you master the 5 Core Secrets Jim will teach you in his Sound Mind Protocol.

And it starts by addressing

The No. 1 brain disease
of the 21st century

No, it’s not Alzheimer’s.

I’m talking about anxiety.

Statistics show it’s truly become a silent epidemic, affecting around 40 million adults each year in the U.S. alone. And the vast majority of these people don’t even realize they have it.

That’s because anxiety doesn’t always present itself the way you might expect.

Yes, constant worry is the most well-known symptom associated with this sinister disorder. But it’s far from the only one.

Take a look at this checklist of some of the other common—but little-known—ways anxiety can manifest itself:

  • Muscle pain and soreness (despite not working out)
  • Excessive yawning
  • Frequent dizziness
  • Sensitive stomach
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Hot-temperedness
  • Inability to sit still, and always feeling the need to be doing something

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, there’s a good chance you may be suffering from hidden anxiety. And getting it under control is absolutely essential if you want to protect, heal, and revitalize your brain.

In fact, research suggests

This stealth disorder
skyrockets the risk of dementia

And according to a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, it may actually be an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

Which isn’t so surprising when you consider the fact that research also shows anxiety is the No. 1 roadblock of neurogenesis.

That’s right. Anxiety is actually preventing your brain from healing itself with fresh, new neurons. And in the process, it’s paving the way to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and complete brain breakdown.

But in a horrifyingly ironic twist, some of the most common prescription medications for anxiety have ALSO been linked to a significantly increased risk of dementia.

It’s a grim picture, I know.

Which is why Jim ranks anxiety elimination No. 1 on his list of 5 Core Secrets for unlocking peak brain ability…Because the scientific fact is, when anxiety is present,

It completely takes over your brain

And, as you now know, there’s a significant chance that you’re suffering from anxiety on a daily basis—even if you don’t feel particularly stressed or worried.

But you simply can’t access the brain-healing benefits of ANY of the techniques Jim lays out in his Sound Mind Protocol unless you eliminate anxiety first.


Are you ready for the good news?

You can learn how to turn off the brain’s stress response and help eliminate brain-destroying anxiety with techniques that take just minutes.

Imagine your life—free of all of anxiety’s sneaky symptoms.

  • Being able to get up out of bed in the morning in one swift, smooth motion, instead of groaning as you hoist your aching back up off the mattress.
  • Going out to dinner with friends, without the embarrassing rush to the bathroom before the waiter even brings the check.
  • Seeing the humor in having “one of those days,” instead of taking it out on the people you love.
  • Enjoying a nice glass of wine in front of the fire, even if the dinner dishes are still piled up in the sink.

All of it—and so much more—is absolutely possible…when you know

The secret for
switching anxiety off at the source

Which is why Jim has devoted an entire lesson in his Sound Mind Protocol to teaching you how to do it.

And once you’ve mastered this No. 1 Core Secret (which takes just minutes!), it opens up a whole new world of brain-healing potential. Especially once Jim walks you through the remaining four Core Secrets for Unlocking Peak Brain Ability.

These secrets are incredibly simple—but incredibly powerful. And Jim believes they could help give you

Complete control over
every aspect of your brain health

Just take a look at the untapped potential these Core Secrets could unleash. Jim will teach you how to…

  • Initiate your Restorative Brainwave State. This second Core Secret helps give you the ability to slow down your brainwaves naturally, to prepare your brain for the deep, restful sleep it needs. This skill also helps people who wake up in the middle of the night fall back to sleep effortlessly.
  • Accelerate Healing. This third Core Secret uses a 5,000 year old mantra ancient cultures have been using since before recorded history. Jim will teach you how to do it so that you can instantly transport your body into an optimal state to heal itself.
  • Generate Your “Creative Flow” Brainwave State. If you’ve ever immersed yourself for hours in a hobby you love and lost track of time, you were in what Jim calls a “creative flow state.” Wouldn’t it be great if you could just turn that state on like flipping a switch? Well, you can! With this fourth Core Secret, Jim will show you how to adjust your brainwaves to make it simple to “drop in” to your creative zone whenever you want.
  • Spark Euphoria. If you’ve ever experienced “runner’s high”, you know that there are natural substances in your body that can boost your mood naturally. Jim will teach you how to release these chemicals on demand with this final Core Secret—without jogging so much as a block. (In fact, you don’t even have to get up out of your chair!)

And these are just some of the brain-healing and revitalizing secrets you’ll discover in Jim Donovan’s Sound Mind Protocol.

He’ll personally teach you step-by-step everything he knows on how to—

Combat anxiety,
strengthen your memory,
and battle today’s
most tragic brain diseases…

All with the power of sound, rhythm, and vibration.

And if you’re worried about whether this will be too hard…

Or that you can’t possibly learn these brain-healing techniques…

Don’t be.

Not only does Jim Donovan have a master’s degree in education—he’s taught these techniques to thousands of people over the last decade.

From fortune 500 companies, to personal, one-on-one sessions, Jim knows exactly how to help you feel the maximum effects from his Sound Mind Protocol.

Those who have tried it are compelled to praise Jim’s teaching style nearly as much as the healing power they experience…

It’s like Jim is speaking just to you. He helps you to understand and use these techniques for yourself, he’s a great teacher.
–Janice from Phoenix, AZ.
I love Jim’s enthusiasm, his spark, and he’s so down-to-earth
—William from Sacramento, CA.
Jim is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’m so happy this has been released because it’s going to help SO many people
—Corrine from Dayton, Ohio.

And James from Richmond, Virginia cut right to the chase by saying…

Simply put—Jim is a GENIUS.”

Jim will show you the exact same techniques he’s used to help all of these devoted enrollees and thousands of others.

Jim’s all-inclusive Sound Mind Protocol is the sum total of more than 30 years of personal experience…

And it’s all here for you in an easy-to-follow online personal protocol.

Keep in mind—sound and vibration healing is not “new age” medicine.

It’s not just meditation…

It’s not body-twisting yoga…

In fact, many try sound and vibration techniques because they haven’t found the results they were looking for through those methods.

But they find it here.

The science behind why neurogenesis is such a profound brain-healing tool is currently being researched by institutions like…

Princeton University…
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine…
Harvard University…
The Salk Institute…
The Karolinska Institute…

And countless others.

Jim created his Sound Mind Protocol he’s seen the difference these innovative techniques have made in countless lives…

Including his own, every day.

Not only is Jim an award-winning educator and associate professor at Saint Francis University, he’s also an accomplished musician who’s enjoyed a remarkable multifaceted career as a world-class drummer. As a founding member of the three-time platinum, percussion-infused music group, Rusted Root, Jim has shared the stage with iconic music legends including Led Zeppelin, Sting, The Grateful Dead, and Carlos Santana.

Throughout his successful musical career, Jim discovered that layered rhythms of music possess compelling powers that go far beyond entertainment. Indeed, after intensive research and study over the past 30 years, he’s demonstrated over and over again the powerful positive effects sound, rhythm and vibration have on brain health.

So Jim wanted to take his own experience and the remarkable science he has discovered—

And put it all in one place for you today.

That’s exactly why he has asked me to help him…

Put the brain-healing power of
sound, rhythm, and vibration
Directly into your hands!

And you can be one of the lucky 80 to try it today.

That’s the total number of people we can accept from this presentation—and I do fully expect that limit to be reached any minute.

Because you can’t find Jim Donovan’s Sound Mind Protocol anywhere but here.

Yes, Jim’s music can be found all over the world…

And if you’re patient and lucky enough to get a ticket, you can attend one of his world-famous seminars while he’s on tour…

But he’s releasing EVERYTHING you would discover in his books and his seminars—right here.

For the first time ever, he’s agreed to release his Sound Mind Protocolthat’s as close to meeting him face-to-face…

Exclusively through OmniVista Health’s online learning platform.

This is Jim’s life’s work.

He guides you through each and every brain-healing and revitalizing technique with his own voice.

Jim will show you how to protect your mind, gain clarity, and even protect from today’s most devastating brain diseases—without a single pill.

By enrolling today, you will receive an exclusive password, giving you access to…

  1. Over 3 full hours of brain-healing techniques!

    You’ll see and hear the complete Sound Mind Protocol directly from the master himself, Jim Donovan, M. ED. It’s broken down into 30 easy-to-follow online lessons (each one is just about 3-5 minutes in length).

    You can watch them in any order, skip straight ahead to the technique you want to see the most, or repeat as often as you like.

    I recommend watching them in order to fully optimize the brain-healing and revitalizing techniques, but the lessons are so easy, you can pick up anywhere you like!

    Remember, the Sound Mind Protocol is not available anywhere else.

  2. State-of-the-art, interactive video format

    I love this part. Unlike a book—our unique format is perfect for Jim’s Sound Mind Protocol. You can hear the sounds, and see the exact methods for perfect execution.

    Jim walks you through each lesson as if he’s there with you in person. But you’re still in the comfort of your very own home.

  3. Interaction with Sound Mind Protocol enrollees like yourself!

    Our unique format allows you to ask questions and interact with the other lucky students like yourself.

    The beauty of Jim’s Sound Mind Protocol is you can adapt it to personally fit your life. So why not hear how others are doing?

    You can give inspirational ideas, ask questions, and share your very own success story with the group. The potential in the Sound Mind Protocol is limitless—so let your fellow students know how you’re using these newfound techniques!

  4. 4 volumes of FREE supplemental material:

    The Sound Mind Protocol comes with 4 FREE ONLINE REPORTS. You can download and print them any time. 

    In these reports you’ll receive the most vital elements to true whole body sound healing including…

    • How to build BRAND NEW brain pathways

    • How to fight memory loss right now

    • The secret to boosting focus and attention by 189%

    • How to repair brain tissue with the power of sound

    • The “bumblebee secret” for lifting depression in a matter of minutes

    And much, much more…

And I haven’t even told you the best part today—

Because the science of sound, rhythm, and vibration is constantly evolving—with every day bringing a new insight…

Jim wanted to make sure you are kept up-to-the-minute on the brand new findings.

That’s why when you enroll today—

You will have LIVE ACCESS to the greatest sound healing teacher on the planet!

I am THRILLED Jim agreed to this aspect of the Sound Mind Protocol.

Not only will one of America’s most sought-after sound healing teachers fill you in on the latest findings that have come to light since you joined, he’ll also answer your questions.

So if you have a question regarding any of the techniques you’ll find in the Sound Mind Protocol, you can ask the master himself.

You can see for yourself why Jim is considered to be one of the greatest brain-healing teachers practicing today.

This is an opportunity that rarely comes around and will only be offered to you and your fellow enrollees today.

Which leads me to one small aspect of the Sound Mind Protocol I wanted to re-address.

Because of the specialized attention needed to truly experience the brain-healing power of sound, rhythm, and vibration…

And because Jim is constantly filling seminar halls, concert venues, and conference rooms to Fortune 500 companies…

We will only be accepting the first 80 enrollees
from this presentation today

Frankly, this was a tough decision, because Jim truly feels this protocol could help anyone who wants it.

But it takes personal attention. Jim’s teaching methods are hands-on and he wants to make sure he can answer as many questions as possible.

But I do have even more special news today—

For the time being, when you enroll in Jim Donovan’s Sound Mind Protocol, you’ll receive…


Jim has also included four additional bonus lessons that he calls Peak Brain Experiences.

These full-length lessons dive even deeper into your brain’s untapped potential…And give you all the tools you need to access your innate “Superman Brain”…

Anytime, anywhere.

Put it altogether—
And the value is UNPRECEDENTED!

You get 3-plus hours of sound, rhythm, and vibration techniques that can help you protect and heal your brain.

This course alone is valued at over $1,000…

But you get Q&A sessions with the master himself on top of that—just like having a VIP, front-row seat to one of his exclusive seminars…

This personal contact is worth $500 per hour

That’s not to mention what you’d pay in travel expenses…

And you get even more!

Combine all of that with the state-of-the-art education format, PLUS the 4 supplemental reports AND the four exclusive Peak Brain Experiences…

And you’re looking at a price tag of thousands of dollars.

But Jim and I agreed—the brain-healing techniques presented in his Sound Mind Protocol should be available to anyone who wants them.

And a price-tag of thousands, no matter what the value is—just won’t cut it.

Which is why, you’re getting an exclusive deal if you sign up to be one of the lucky

80 scholars today…

You’ll get everything…

Over 3 full hours of sound, rhythm, and vibration brain-healing techniques!

The state-of-the-art, interactive video format

Interaction with Sound Mind Protocol enrollees like yourself!

4 volumes of FREE supplemental material

4 Bonus Peak Brain Experiences

Plus an exclusive Q&A session with the master himself

All for just $189.

But we know even that amount of money can be tough to part with. Which is why…

Jim and I want you to feel as comfortable with your decision as possible. So when you enroll today, you’ll also receive Jim’s exclusive…

Safe and Sound
100% money-back guarantee!

When you enroll today, you’ll have complete and total risk-free access to Jim’s Sound Mind Protocol.

But if you’re unhappy with the state-of-the-art, interactive, video learning platform…

Or if you simply don’t think Jim’s sound, rhythm, and vibration secrets are right for you…

Then just contact us and we’ll return every last penny to the credit card you used for purchase—no questions asked.

It’s that easy.

This is a chance to easily take complete control over your brain health.

You won’t have to wait for the mainstream to catch up…

You won’t have to attend some far-away seminar...

You can sit back and feel the life-changing healing instantly—all from the comfort of your own home.


Jim Donovan has done all of the work for you with countless hours of research and practice.

And as you’ll see—the effort has paid off.

By simply clicking below right now you can protect your precious memories with brain-healing secrets like Jim’s NAVS technique.

You can learn about slashing the risk of devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s by eliminating anxiety—the stealth brain disorder millions of people don’t even realize they have.

And you can regain the focus and quick wit from your youth with techniques that are just now amazing scientists in our most prestigious medical institutions.

But you must be one of the first 80 enrollees to take advantage of this opportunity today!

I know what you’re thinking—can I really protect, heal, and revitalize my brain with something as simple as sound, rhythm, and vibration?

I was skeptical at first, too. But after seeing the mounds of research…and hearing from countless people who have experienced Jim’s powerful and profound techniques first-hand…

And having felt the healing sensation myself—

I know the answer is yes.

Whether you want to…

  • Slam the brakes on those memory slip ups that seem to be happening more and more frequently
  • Find a safe, pill-free way to ease anxiety and lift your mood
  • Make sure you hang on to your most precious memories—with every vivid detail
  • Or tap into your brain’s innate “superpowers”

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