Neuroscientists are in an all-out FRENZY…
At least 20 hospitals (that we know of) are quietly in AWE…
Big Pharma and the National Institutes of Health
are racing to understand how…

Just 30 seconds of
could completely DEFEAT today’s
most tragic diseases

Outrageous but true…
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and more…
all stand to be impacted by this strange technique.

Today—you are one of 75 people invited to discover how to use it

Dear Reader,

Which melody have you been singing for decades?

The unforgettable pep of “Help me, Rhonda…”

The soulful crooning of “Unchained Melody…

The infectious swing of “Blueberry Hill?

Each one has the power to transport you to another time and place…

To immediately lift your spirits, relieve your stress, grant you focus, and pull long-forgotten memories to the very forefront of your mind.

But recent revelations now have scientists in our greatest medical institutions asking one incredible question…

Is music a clue to conquering today’s

Maybe you’ve seen the videos for yourself…

With a pair of headphones playing their favorite music, Alzheimer’s patients make instantaneous turn-arounds—

Going from slouched and unresponsive…

To alive and singing their favorite hymn, show tune, or Top 40 hit in a matter of seconds.

Henry Buckley from Detroit does it every day.

Crippled by Alzheimer’s for over 10 years, one moment his head is on his desk, completely mute…

The next, his daughter plays his favorite song, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and…

Henry lights up, sings every lyric word-for-word, and goes on to recall his very first dance partner from junior high.

Bradford Holton’s Parkinson’s Disease is so advanced, he can barely shuffle from his living room to his kitchen…even when using a walker.

But with his favorite Don Williams’ song playing behind him, Bradford can take big steps, without his walker, and make it to the kitchen in a quarter of the time.

So why does music and sound have such a powerful impact on some of today’s most devastating disease? There are many theories and today, I’m thrilled to share one of the most exciting to date.

Because as fantastic as these results are—they’re only the first step into a brand new realm of brain health. A new world where…

Sound and vibration soars beyond
today’s most “promising” drugs

Hello, my name is Karen Reddel. I’m the president of OmniVista Health Learning—

An organization dedicated to discovering and giving voice to today’s most pioneering medical minds.

Of all the brilliant ideas we’ve shared—I can say without a doubt—

I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

The technique you’re invited to discover today uses something so simple, so elemental, and so ingrained within us all—

It’s nearly as easy as singing your favorite song.

The dramatic links to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Depression, and Dementia, however, are anything but ordinary.
And while musical stories like Henry’s and Bradford’s are amazing—they are just the beginning.

This science is already...

Thrilling MIT researchers with its effects on cognitive function…

Filling the Alzheimer’s Association’s archives with its breathtaking research and…

Sending the National Institute of Mental Health racing for more studies and more astounding results…

But I want to make something clear.

You might think the dramatic results you’re about to hear could only be possible with patented drugs or futuristic surgeries, but…

You won’t have to swallow a single pill to use it…

You won’t have to buy some strange contraption, change your diet, or step foot in a gym…

In fact, you won’t even have to leave your house or even your chair.

But I promise—you will feel its effects as soon as you try this…

30-Second “Brain Humming” Secret

The hundreds of people lucky enough to have already experienced it will gladly verify this fact.

Pati from Akron, Ohio tried it and said—

“The effects were powerful
from the very first moment.”

Robin from Sarasota, Florida described herself as nervous to try it and didn’t know what to expect, but as she said...

“I immediately felt calmer, lighter, and I was convinced it was working.”

And Annette from Bristol, Virginia said…

“I changed from a skeptic who thought, ‘Oh well, I guess it can’t hurt’ to a TRUE BELIEVER right away.”

Before I go any further, I have to introduce you to the creator of this amazing technique and show you why…

People call him…
The greatest brain-healing teacher of our time

For years—my colleagues have been urging me to meet this healing pioneer.

His technique for healing is so wildly different—honestly, I couldn’t help but be skeptical.

But a voice in my mind kept asking…

What if….?

After all—

Every year, thousands from all over the globe travel to his exclusive seminars.

The nation’s most prestigious universities, like Saint John’s University, Penn State University, and countless others implore him to present his famous lectures.

And get this—

Fortune 500 companies, (yes, even Big Pharma giants), like Bayer and Johnson & Johnson privately hire him to teach them his incredible technique.

James Donovan, M. ED. has harnessed the healing power of sound and vibration.

He has unlocked an ancient healing tradition that world-renowned scientists are only now catching up to.

James Donovan (or “Jim,” as everyone calls him) has always been obsessed with music. He would never refer to himself as a “prodigy,” but he is.

He’s an award-winning drummer.

His band has played for tens of thousands of fans all around the world.

Their songs rocketed into the Billboard’s top 100—including his No.1 selling, “Send me on my way.”

Their records sold over 3 million copies—one of which went platinum.

His music even made it all the way to space when it was selected by NASA engineers as “wake up” music for the Mars rover.

Jim knows first-hand what the power of music is capable of.

But when he needed it most—the power of
sound and vibration literally saved his life

When Jim was 42 years-old he was hurried into an ambulance, experiencing crushing chest pain.

As he was rushed to the hospital, he believed he was going to die. He might never see his wife again, he might never see his kids again. His fear and anger grew and grew.

Jim was experiencing a panic attack—and when his doctor entered his room he issued a grave warning…, “You’re lucky to be alive, but if you don’t get ahold of this, the next time would be the real thing.”

Then and there, Jim decided to take his health into his own hands.

He was determined to sleep better, to relieve his stress, to lower his blood pressure, to protect his heart and to do it all drug-free.

He spent months researching the latest breakthroughs in brain wave activity because he knew—whole body health begins in the mind.

Surprisingly, his research led him to a new realm of science he was already very familiar with…sound and vibration.

Since that time, Jim has crafted and depended upon the very healing techniques you’re about to discover to save his life and aid his recovery.

And has Jim quickly discovered, while new science is swirling around sound and vibration—

There are thousands of years’ worth of research to dig through. 

Every ancient culture from the Chinese to the Hindu, from Afrikaans to Native Americans have formed specific techniques revolving around sound and vibration.

After years of study—Jim is now one of the only people in the world to have mastered this detailed sound technique.

He’s personally showing thousands how to do it but now—

He’s releasing it to you—for the first time—
so you can

I was skeptical, too.

Until I met Jim.

Immediately, he asked me and my team to give him just 30 seconds.

The technique he carefully walked us through, the same “brain humming” technique you can discover today—felt like nothing I’d ever experienced.

Some described it as a tingling sensation.

Others experienced extreme focus.

But everyone agreed—something just happened.

After seeing the science behind it, I know you will want to try this incredibly easy technique for yourself…

In a moment you will receive a personal invitation—along with just 74 other people to discover…

Jim Donovan’s

This is the culmination of nearly 20 years’ worth of research, execution, and perfection with people just like you.

People who wanted to secure their memories, their focus, and their wits—all without a single pill.

People like Rick Baumgardner from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

Rick was in a toxic situation at work—a civil engineer of more than 30 years.

He was battered by stress and battling debilitating pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

He was seeing his doctor nearly once a month—just to get by…to hopefully be able to work just one more month.

Rick can’t help but well-up with tears when he tells his story…

“I was so burned out and exhausted when I had my first opportunity to try this.

“Yes, I was skeptical. It seemed like something I would have never tried. But thank God I did. I still remember the very first time I used this technique. I drove home and just kept asking myself, what the heck just happened!?’

I just went to my doctor for the first time all year…and he told me…

Rick, you are a complete 180 degrees
from where you were last year.’”

Just this week alone, I’ve seen over 30 stories just like Rick’s.

In a moment you’ll hear from folks who not only secured their brain health but have treated their nerve pain, insomnia, even their asthma using Jim’s miraculous sound and vibration techniques.

But first, before I go any further, you have to see WHY the WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM including its 30-second Brain Humming Technique works without fail.

By using the natural power of vibration and healing sound—his technique taps into a secret within your body scientists are racing to understand.

It’s called, the Vagus Nerve.

It’s the largest cranial nerve in your body—running all the way from your brainstem to your stomach…

And touching nearly every vital organ along the way.

Simply put—it’s the pathway between your brain and your body.

Twenty years ago—scientists began to wonder…

What is the Vagus Nerve’s purpose?

Once they started investigating…

The FLOODGATES flew open—
and researchers have been spinning
in their seats ever since.

In 1997 researchers discovered they now had the power to control deadly seizures in epileptic patients--simply by stimulating this untouched nerve…

In 1999 Stony Brook Medical University researchers discovered they could literally control an individual’s heart beat simply by stimulating it. This would forever change the science and create new standards for heart health.

In 2002, famed neurosurgeon, Kevin Tracey was the first to prove stimulating the Vagus Nerve could significantly reduce inflammation. First attempted in mice, the results were so strong, it was quickly sent to human trials—where the results were just as stunning.

But most of all…

Its healing secrets ring LOUD and CLEAR
throughout your brain

The Vagus Nerve is responsible for creating some of your most potent neurotransmitters—

Including a chemical referred to as the “memory mastermind.”

Your brain is constantly recording everything—and filing it into an endless vault.

Trivial memories like…

What you had for lunch last Tuesday…

The television program you watched before falling asleep last night…

They get filed away in one corner.

Your cherished memories…

A magical night of dancing during your honeymoon…

Your daughter’s confident walk across the stage during her college graduation…

The very first time you held your grandchild…

They get filed into another corner.

One chemical within your brain is responsible for sifting through your millions of memories. It’s called norepinephrine. And it’s a neurotransmitter.

This neurotransmitter zips from corner to corner and brings your memories to the forefront.

Like a diligent librarian who knows where to find the exact book you’re looking for

Research has shown norepinephrine is essential to your most emotional and precious memories—

But it is also critical to your “working memory”--helping you with immediate tasks right in front of you.


  • Increases alertness helping give you a laser-pointed focus on reading, speaking, and listening.
  • Promotes vigilance for the task at hand…so you can finish the grocery list…folding the laundry…or finish penning a letter to your best friend without stopping once.
  • Initiates when to fall asleep and when to wake up, helping you feel refreshed and ready every morning.

When you’re in your prime, norepinephrine surges through your brain. Your memories are clear as crystal, you’re alert and focused, and sleep like a dream.

But as you age, this potent neurotransmitter begins to diminish.

Suddenly you’re relying on others to help retell your favorite stories and getting up in the morning becomes an uphill struggle. But…

Can you REVITALIZE your brain’s supply
of this memory mastermind?

Take a look…

University of Virginia researchers were amazed at their ability to strengthen memory in subjects—simply by stimulating the Vagus Nerve!

Your Vagus Nerve releases the memory mastermind, norepinephrine into your blood system and into your brain.

By stimulating your body’s most important cranial nerve—you can secure your supply of norepinephrine and your cherished memories!

Which is critical because…

A deadly hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease is a reduced production of norepinephrine.

If you’re frightened of Alzheimer’s (and who isn’t?)
You have to take action—and now you CAN!

Not with a designer drug…

Not with a risky surgery…

Not with a painful exercise…

Simply with just ONE of the specialized techniques in Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM.  

The specialized technique of “Brain Humming” uses the power of sound and vibration to stimulate your brain-illuminating nerve…

And you just need 30 seconds a day to put Jim Donovan’s personalized secret to use for you.

Until now, researchers have used dangerous implanted devices to “shock” the Vagus Nerve and achieve these results…

But Jim has seen the power of sound and vibration healing techniques for himself. He knows firsthand, we have the God-given ability to stimulate this healing force within our bodies.

And he knows why medical institutions are pouring all of their research and testing funds into electrodes rather than funding a major study for this natural brain technique…

It’s FREE, safe, and simple. Brain Humming hasn’t been tested the same way expensive and dangerous surgeries have, but Jim believes you could achieve the same results—from the comfort of your own home.

That could be the big reason why medical institutions are pouring far more research into expensive, risky, implanted electrodes—over this safe and simple technique.

And guess what?

Getting more of this Memory Mastermind
is just the beginning…

The Vagus Nerve is also responsible for serotonin release, and can affect adrenaline release, but that’s not all…

A chemical shown to literally transform cells, give you energy and most importantly, spark the ideas and thoughts within your brain…

This chemical is called acetylcholine.

And it’s another vital neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine is responsible for the billions of synapses firing off within your brain.

Every thought that leads to a physical action

Running, walking, even breathing, depends on acetylcholine connecting the body and mind.

It’s considered to be one of the most vital chemicals in our body.

And just like the memory mastermind, norepinephrine…

Stimulating the Vagus Nerve sparks acetylcholine production.

In fact scientists believe this mind-body chemical plays a vital role in the development and worsening of Parkinson’s Disease.

In fact, researchers have found Parkinson’s Disease patients have lower levels of acetylcholine in their bodies.

Not only that—but lower levels were also linked to a slower gait in Parkinson’s patients. 

Scientists believe this could be the missing secret behind many of today’s deadliest diseases.

So wouldn’t you want MORE?
With just 30 seconds a day?

By stimulating your Vagus Nerve—you’re helping your body produce not one, but two of your brain’s most vital weapons against disease!

Right now—patients are putting this technique to use—
And thanking God they did!

Dr. Gerald Shipley from Cincinnati, Ohio is a scientist and engineer and has been following the incredible Vagus Nerve research for years.

So when he started experiencing the debilitating side effects of early-onset Parkinson’s Disease, he didn’t waste time putting his own personal knowledge to use…

“Since I have been using stimulation techniques to strengthen my Vagus Nerve I can report I am steadily improving my condition. I’m finding it easier and easier to discharge physical stress, relax my body, and keep my muscles less tense. This is critical for anyone with Parkinson’s Disease.

“My sleep is dramatically improved and the ability to keep my mind quiet and serene has improved immensely, too. Even my breathing is notably improved, especially my ability to take slow deep breaths.”

Patients battling the most tragic diseases are using this science to do the impossible.

Seventy percent of arthritis patients using Vagus Nerve stimulating techniques experienced a positive effect on joint function…

And patients with severe depression experienced improvement on motor speed, language skills and cognitive function after just 10 weeks of Vagus Nerve stimulation!

Jim Donovan—the renowned expert in whole-body sound healing has created specialized techniques he believes can easily stimulate your Vagus Nerve.

All with just 30-seconds a day!

In his WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM you will discover exactly how to do it.

Once you know how, you can—

Unleash a CASCADE of healing ripples—
from head to toe

And you only need 30 seconds…

But securing your supply of the “Memory Mastermind” chemical, norepinephrine and the Body-Mind secret, acetylcholine is truly just the beginning.

With every 30-second treatment you can easily help your body control a substance at the center of nearly every disease.

Inflammation leads to far more than just stiff and achy joints.

It plays a role in…

Heart Disease…
And yes, Arthritis.

What starts as a natural auto-immune response to outside toxins, infections, chronic stress—overtime can build up leading to the destruction of all body tissue…

Including your brain.

Experts now believe inflammation is connected to virtually all types of brain disease including dementia, depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia.

For decades doctors have prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to battle this wild fire.

Despite the side effects—it’s the only method they know.

But Jim believes sounds and vibration will be the next frontier of battling inflammation.…

And science shows he might be far ahead of his time…

Recently, an international team of researchers conducted a clinical trial which shows simple Vagus Nerve stimulation significantly reduced inflammation and improved outcomes for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Psychology Today reported,

“These findings suggest a new approach to fighting diseases that are currently treated with expensive drugs that have a host of side effects.”

Imagine never taking a dangerous anti-inflammatory drug because…

With just 30 Seconds a day—
you could be protected!

With Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM you only have to ask yourself—

“What do I want to heal?”

Our friend, Rick Baumgardner is beating back his rheumatoid arthritis

“I used to go to the doctor once a month for help. With Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM, I haven’t gone all year!”

Shelly Masterson uses Jim’s sound and vibration techniques to battle her stress…

“I use Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM around dusk every evening. Now I can get rid of the stress and anxiety that has been filling my body. I feel so much more in touch with my body, and the tension is lightened and gone.”

Brian Kessler is finally finding help with crippling pain—

“Since October of last year, I’ve experienced intense nerve and muscle pain. Just last night I used Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM and felt a significant difference!”

Lindsay Chang is even conquering her life-long asthma…

“I needed help and through prayer and research, I finally found Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM. His techniques help release the fear of not being able to breathe. I can be outside now more than ever. I’m more relaxed and filled with joy…

It was like a resurrection for me

Each and every one uses the natural power of sound and vibration to change the course of their health.

Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM will teach you over 30 years’ worth of scientific study with practiced, proven techniques.

With specialized secrets like the 30-Second Brain Humming secret to stimulating your Vagus Nerve…

You can experience the same, life-changing results as the thousands of people who have already used Jim’s sound healing system.

So how does it work?

This is one of the best parts!

Jim only puts on a few of his very exclusive seminars a year.

With his reputation as one of the only masters of sound and vibration healing—entry can be next to impossible.

But because you are watching this right now—you are one of the 75 people invited to have an amazing opportunity today.

You can discover everything Jim knows with a brand new online teaching protocol.

You only need a computer and quiet room.

There are no expensive seminars, no boring books, and no DVDs.

Everything you need is right in front of you.

Jim guides you with his own voice and words, step-by-EASY-step.

When you enroll today—you will receive an exclusive passcode giving you access to…


Jim is right there with you—walking you through techniques you can perform anywhere…

In your bedroom to rise refreshed in the morning—or to guarantee the deep sleep you’ve been missing for years…

At the doctor’s office—to help cool your nerves when you’re stuck waiting…

Or at work when you’re preparing for a presentation or just want to feel alert and energized for an important meeting.

Jim will show you everything you need to know to practice these techniques on your own. Anytime, anywhere you need them. Including…

The “Brain Humming Secret” to sparking your Vagus Nerve.

As you’ve already seen, the potential is limitless for this technique. You could no longer fear Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia—the most frightening brain diseases facing us today.

But that’s not all.

  • Neuroscientists are studying the Vagus Nerve’s relation to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…
  • Healthy Vagus Nerve function can decrease blood pressure and support overall heart health…
  • And in the latest emerging science, direct Vagus Nerve Stimulation is being researched for its potential to help stop the spread of cancer.. 

But the “Brain Humming Secret” technique is just the beginning. Jim will also walk you through…

The FIVE principals of healing with sound.

These principles hold the key to helping you…

Sleep soundly without woozy sleeping pills…
Feel positive and energetic without dangerous antidepressants…
Control Anxiety and stress without side-effect-ridden drugs…

Jim will also reveal how to take the same principal behind music therapy, which can take weeks, and “reverberate” it to new powerful, healing, heights.

With Jim’s specific techniques these significant improvements in how you feel and your overall health can be performed in anywhere from 30-seconds to 2 minutes!

He does all of this by walking you through his 5 principals of sound.

And there’s so much more…

  • The “inch-above-your-ear” secret to migraine-proofing your body! This is a MUST for anyone suffering from tension headaches. In lesson 11 he’ll show you the exact sound technique you can use to wipe out the pain in 60 seconds!
  • The “Heaven’s Pillar” Sound Secret to relieving excruciated neck pain! With just 3 repetitions of this simple sound and vibration secret you could banish neck pain every day. All without a single pain pill. Jim describes exactly how in lesson 14.
  • The ancient Gregorian Monk secret to lowering blood pressure. While it might be hundreds of years old—neuroscientists are proving it works!
  • Jim shows you how to use it today—and lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and even increase life-giving nitric oxide! It’s all in lesson 15!
  • The 3-step trick to INSTANTLY waking up your brain. Feeling groggy, sluggish, and in a fog? What if you could come out of it as easily as snapping your finger 3 times? Jim’s 3-Step sound and vibration technique POPs your brain back to attention—any time of day you need it.
  • The 30-second “Mind Cleaning” technique to conquer stress and anxiety. You only need an empty room and 30 seconds to instantly wipe away anxiety. This is designed for any stressful situation (a doctor’s appointment, a date, an annual family gathering) you’re about tackle. And Jim teaches you how to easily do it right in lesson 20.

And these are just some of the sound and vibration secrets you’ll discover in Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM.

He’ll personally teach you step-by-step how to both combat stress, support your body and memory, and protect yourself from today’s most tragic diseases…

All with the power of sound and vibration.

And if you’re worried about whether this will be too hard…

Or that you can’t possibly learn these proven healing sound techniques…

Don’t be.

Not only does Jim Donovan have a master’s degree in education—he’s taught these ancient techniques to thousands of people over the last decade.

From Fortune 500 companies, to personal, one-on-one sessions, Jim knows exactly how help you feel the most from his WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM.

Those who have tried it are compelled to praise Jim’s teaching style nearly as much as the healing power they experience…

“It’s like Jim is speaking just to you. He helps you to understand and use these techniques for yourself, he’s a great teacher.” –Janice from Phoenix, AZ.

“I love Jim’s enthusiasm, his spark, and he’s so down-to-earth” William from Sacramento, CA.

“Jim is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’m so happy this has been released because it’s going to help SO many people” Corrine from Dayton, Ohio.

And James from Richmond, Virginia cut right to the chase by saying…

Simply put—Jim is a GENIUS.”

Jim will show you the exact same techniques he’s used to help all of these devoted enrollees and thousands of others.

Jim’s all-inclusive WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM is the sum total of more than 30 years of personal experience…

From his Billboard-topping experiences playing music to tens of thousands…

To the exact same technique that helped save his life…

To the dozens of ancient sound and vibration traditions he’s dedicated his life to discovering and sharing…

It’s all here for you in an easy-to-follow online personal protocol.

Keep in mind—sound and vibration healing is not “new age” medicine.

It’s not meditation…

It’s not body-twisting yoga…

In fact, many try sound and vibration techniques because they haven’t found the results they were looking for through those methods.

They find it here.

The science behind why Vagus Nerve stimulation works is currently being researched by institutions like…

Harvard University…
Johns Hopkins Hospital…
Yale School of Medicine…
The National Institutes of Health…
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital…
The Mayo Clinic…

And countless others.

Jim created his WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM because he has seen the difference it makes in countless lives…

Including his own, every day.

I, myself use the techniques daily—and can’t believe how easily you can feel a difference in your energy, your focus, and your mental clarity.

So Jim wanted to take his own experience and the unbelievable science he has discovered—

And put it all in one place for you today.

That’s exactly why he has asked me to help him…

Put the healing power of Sound and Vibration
into your hands today!

And you can be one of the lucky 75 to try it.

That’s the total number of people we can accept today—and I do fully expect that limit to be reached any minute.

You can’t find Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM anywhere but here.

Yes, Jim’s music can be found all over the world…

The books he’s authored can be found in your local book store…

And if you’re patient and lucky enough to get a ticket, you can attend one of his world-famous seminars while he’s on tour…

But he’s releasing EVERYTHING you would discover in his books and his seminars—right here.

For the first time ever—he’s agreed to release his WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEMthat’s as close to meeting him face-to-face…

Exclusively through OmniVista Health’s online learning platform.

This is Jim’s life’s work.

He guides you through each and every sound and vibration technique with his own voice.

Jim will show you how to protect your brain, gain clarity, and even conquer the  pain pulling you away from the life you want to live.

By enrolling today, you will receive an exclusive password, giving you access to…

  • Over 3 full hours of sound and vibration healing techniques!

You’ll see and hear the complete WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM directly from the master himself, Jim Donovan, M. ED. It’s broken down into 20 easy-to-follow online lessons (each one is just about 5-10 minutes in length).

You can watch them in any order, skip straight ahead to the technique you want to see the most, or repeat as often as you like.

I recommend watching them in order to fully master the technique of sound and healing, but the lessons are so easy, you can pick up anywhere you like!

Remember, the WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM is not available anywhere else.

  • State-of-the-art sound and vibration format

I love this part. Unlike a book—our unique format is perfect for Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM. You can hear the sounds, and see the exact methods for perfect execution.

Jim walks you through each lesson as if it’s right in your very own home.

  • Interaction with WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM enrollees like yourself!

Our unique format allows you to ask questions and interact with the other lucky students like yourself.

The beauty of Jim’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM is you can adapt it to personally fit your life. So why not hear how others are doing?

You can give inspirational ideas, ask questions, and share your very own success story with the group. The potential behind this sound and vibration secret is limitless—so let your fellow students know how you’re using these newfound techniques!

  • 8 volumes of FREE supplemental material:  

The WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM comes with 8 FREE ONLINE REPORTS. You can download and print them any time. 

In these reports you’ll receive the most vital elements to true whole body sound healing including…

  • How to use sound to turn on deep healing mode, relieve anxiety, and quiet your busy mind.
  • How to turn on your FEEL GOOD chemicals with Brain Humming
  • The 5 principals of healing with sound
  • How to clear sinus congestion with sound
  • How to relieve neck and shoulder pain using sound
  • How to improve heart health with sound
  • How to wake up your brain using sound and…
  • An invaluable “quick exercise reference guide”

And I haven’t even told you the best part today—

Because the science of sound and vibration is constantly evolving—with every day bringing a new insight…

Jim wanted to make sure you are kept up-to-the-minute on the brand new findings.

That’s why when you enroll today—

You will have LIVE ACCESS to the greatest
sound healing teacher on the planet!

I am THRILLED Jim agreed to this aspect of the WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM.

Not only will one of America’s most sought-after sound healing teachers fill you in on the latest findings that have come to light since you joined, he’ll also answer your specific questions.

So if you have a question regarding any of the techniques you’ll find in the WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM, you can ask the master himself.

You can see for yourself why Jim is considered to be one of the greatest healing teachers practicing today.

This is an opportunity that rarely comes around and will only be offered to you and your fellow enrollees today.

Which leads me to one small aspect of the WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM I wanted to readdress.

Because of the specialized attention needed to truly experience the healing power of sound and vibration…

And because Jim is constantly filling seminar halls, concert venues, and conference rooms to Fortune 500 companies…

We will only be accepting the first 75 enrollees
from this presentation today

Frankly, this was a tough decision because Jim truly feels this system could help anyone who wants it.

But it takes personal attention. Jim’s teaching methods are hands-on and he wants to make sure he can answer as many questions as possible.

But I do have even more special news today—

For the time being, when you enroll in Jim Donovan’s WHOLE BODY SOUND HEALING SYSTEM, you’ll receive…

Your FREE set of 12 Whole Body Sound Healing System Bedside Scripts

Jim Donovan makes mastering the Whole Body Sound Healing System easier than ever—and accessible for whenever you’re on the go.

This invaluable set of 12 “Bedside Scripts” guides you through four different Sound Healing courses with specific step-by-step instruction…all in an easy-to-print format.
You will have beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons for…

Course #1: Building daily health
Course #2: Deep healing mode activation
Course #3: Morning brain revival and…
Course #4: Daily depression elimination

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